Old Major Persuasive Speech

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Old Major appealed to the emotions of the animals by listing their physical and emotional sufferings. The credibility of Old Major and the fear of one’s life united the animals to rebel against Mr. Jones. Old Major’s speech was more effective than Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech because of how his persuasive techniques struck fear into the hearts of the animals which served as a reason for the animals to unite.
The sympathy that Old Major makes the animals feel for themselves and each other helped his speech to be more effective than MLK’s. The detailed way that Old Major described what happens to specific animals is what caused his speech to be so effective. He says how the children are taken away, the milk is taken away and questions why
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The response of the audience to his speech was not as quick as the response Old Major’s speech received because MLK did not create a sense of urgency. He didn’t stress the need for change to happen now at this moment. He said multiple times, “I have a dream, that one day….” MLK saying “one day” shows the lack or urgency. He also didn’t use violent imagery such as giving examples of the suffering Negroes faced which reduced the effectiveness of his speech. He did not criticize the other side like Old Major did. Old Major calls man weak and “creature” to show that humans are no better than animals. King should’ve raised the question why white think they are better than blacks to make his speech more effective. MLK talks about a group of people in general unlike Old Major who singles out animals to give effect to the speech. He lists the injustice each animals face such as the horse having her children taken away and hens having their eggs taken. MLK also doesn’t tell his audience about any of his personal experiences unlike Old Major. Old Major says how he has seen the cruel acts of Jones and this helps the audience relate better because they begin to fear the same will happen to them. MLK didn’t include any personal experiences in his speech which would’ve shown that even a great man like MLK faces the injustice known as segregation.
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