Old Man Qualities

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The Old Man’s Important Qualities Every sane human in this world searches for his or her destiny in this life; Humans are always in process of developing for improving life’s quality and accomplishing things they desire to have. They put big goals ahead of themselves for which they strive to accomplish. However, we all know life is not easy; it is a rough road full of obstructions and tough times. Many people chain themselves to these ideas and stop developing and moving forward, eventually they end up unsatisfied and disappointed with their lives, they feel not needed, because they understand that they did not contribute to society in any way. Some of these people lose hope in themselves and become desperate, some try to seek detrimental ways to reach their goals, and some just give up the fight. This kind of people never reach anything valuable. However, those people, who stick to the idea of success, keep fighting and stay loyal to the road they have chosen, overcome obstacles and hardships of life and therefore succeed. The reason Santiago catches the fish is because he maintains three vital qualities that let him accomplish his destiny; these qualities are conviction, loyalty, and fortitude. Even though the old man was poor and as other people around considered him unlucky, he never lost hope and he always had conviction . The old man had strong, unshakable hope that someday he would catch a great fish. No matter that the old
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