Old Men Persuasive Speech

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“One Minute until the election is over. Deg D. Lenny is in the lead,” Boomed the loudspeaker. Lenny has to do something before the election is over. He decides to do something that requires spy skills… It was a normal day in New Deg City. Cars are all over the place, hot dogs, oh hot dogs, are well cooked and smothered in ketchup. New Deg City is an odd place, the kind of place where you have a disturbing feeling you’re being stalked by the illuminati, and amusement parks at the edge of every corner. Lenny D. Deg just woke up by the sound of rollercoasters derailing and blowing up on the streets. “Dang it! I was going to ride that today!” Lenny grumbled in rage. “I guess the kiddy coaster is going to be closed today. Again.”…show more content…
Deg D Lenny is Lenny’s biggest rival in programing Deg rides. Deg works for Vekoma Rides, while Lenny works for Triotech, the best manufacturers in the dank rides industry. Cedar Deg is buying Triotech dank rides, but they have no Vekoma Deg Rides. It was just when the next person in the debate was going to be announced that Lenny had to go to work at Knotts Lenny…show more content…
Lenny…” The radio said, but Lenny could barely hear it, but he did catch one word: “Deg.” “It couldn’t be. He’s been in jail for 15 years!” Joe said confused. Joe waits, and waits, until they say his name again: “Deg D. Lenny, how do you view this world?” The question asker asks. Lenny heard the dreaded name this time, so he sped to Knotts Lenny Farm, giving the Po-Po the moolah, and got there just before it opened. He received his tools, and happily mended the track, while whistling to “Put A Banana In Your Ear.” Meanwhile, Deg D Lenny was in 2nd place in the debate, and was going to be in the election. Lenny finished his job, sped to the election, (as well as give the moolah to the Po-Po) and put his vote in the other box. “One minute until the election is over,” the loudspeaker boomed, “Deg D. Lenny is in the lead.” Lenny has to do something before the election is over. He decides to do something that requires spy skills. Lenny sneaks into the electronics station, using his super ultra ninja skills, and hacks his way into the voting board to put his name in place of the , and deletes Deg’s name. “In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! Time is up!” The announcer

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