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25 March 2016 The Film “No Country for Old Men” Similar to any other kind of art, films can scrutinize the inner works of humanity and the interaction of people in the universe. With the viewpoint of human nature besides the current critical state of the film-philosophy, the film No Country for Old Men by the Coen brothers has succeeded as a philosophical medium. No Country for Old Men is the twelfth film by the Ethan and Joel Coen brothers. The film has elicited hostility, stunned silence, disappointment and perhaps confusion from the audience accustomed to the well-ordered packed cinematic narrative. The paper looks into the film No Country for Old Men by the Coen brothers’ philosophical theme of…show more content…
Antonius Block returns home from crusades only to find masses of people dying (Block 1). There is a lot of persecution of innocent people, the universe does not seem to care about life. Antonius Block has seen enough madness, mayhem, and murder, life is meaningless and only death awaits him in his Swedish homeland (Block 1). In the film No Country for Old Men a lot of murder, mayhem, and madness also features. Anton Chigurh, who puts Bell 's life into uncertainty, acts from the beginning as a model of efficiency and ruthlessness. He employs tactical methods to pursue Llewellyn Moss, who is a young welder to join him in the desert on a hunting excursion. On their way, they stumble on a briefcase that had over two million dollars resulting from a botched drug deal. Moss hand-picked the briefcase and placed it on the back of his trailer, he has an idea to twitch a new lifespan with his wife. All this time Bell watches the action helplessly and thinks of their blood-stained conflict repercussions. As the plot ended, Bell gets overwhelmed by the fact that Chigurh had made away with all the money. Moss was already dead together with his wife, such cases had disrupted peace in Terrel County for a long…show more content…
In conclusion, the film widely portrays life as meaningless, one without value. Bell at the end of the film feels that life is tasteless in the modern world that is characterized by murder. He merely resolves to keep living a pitiful and meek life. He distinctly became conscious of his necessity for death. Life turns out to be so much valueless to him. The trail of deaths taken by Chigurh disgusts Bell as the sheriff. He does not understand the motive behind such killings. Chigurh takes peoples’ life without a second thought, his actions brings out life in the universe as hopeless, worthless, and one that can be taken by other powerful human beings. Bell also watches Chigurh making away with the bag of money after he had killed both Moss and his wife. Chigurh places money before life, which to to him is
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