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The Old Order Amish of Lancaster “have indeed changed in response to a changing world. However, religious beliefs unite the Amish as separatists and encourage community rather than individuality” (Brubaker, 2003). Adjusting from farming as a main way of life to giving up the farm for factory or business work is not easy for anyone, let alone the Amish who find identity in tilling the soil. Many Old Order Amish businesses still cater to farm life, or community life in some way. Although some Amish find work with outside employers, it is ideal to work from or near home in a cottage industry or retail store. Families who do work in a business from home have an easier time keeping an eye on children and give them responsibilities relating to the business to teach the importance of work…show more content…
“The spirit of Gelassenheit teaches members submission, obedience, humility, and simplicity” (Kraybill, 2002, p. 31). The Ordnung keeps rules clear and guides the community with regulations on membership, technology, and interaction with the outside world. Church values are the most important thing considered when making changes to the Ordnung, ensuring that the community is not fractured and does not lose sight of the Amish way. The Old Order Amish are a tightly bound community that is regulated by religion. The only leaders of the Amish settlements are the ordained ministers of the church who regulate the Ordnung and make any important decisions in the community. Amish society has had to adapt to accommodate to the outside world. However, the Amish religion has been a resilient force against globalization, keeping the tradition and meaning alive in Amish culture. Modifications in work, home, and social life may slowly be entering the Old Order Amish, but religious values are firm and guide almost every change in the community, allowing it to

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