Old Parliament House Research Paper

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Old Parliament House
The Old Parliament House started being built in 1923 and was completed in 1927, then the Government moved into the place. The Old Parliament House is at the bottom of Capital Hill in the centre of the Parliamentary Triangle, which itself forms of the centre of Walter Burley Griffin’s design for Canberra, an open view of Lake Burley Griffin, Anzac Parade, the Australian War Memorial and Mount Ainslie. The Parliament house sits on 2.5 hectares and on both sides of the building, are the Parliamentary Gardens, the eastern side is for the House of Representatives and the western side is for the Senate. Murdoch intended this as an essential element to the building, to provide both diversion and contemplative space for members and senators. The Old Parliament House is a three storey brick building with the main floor on the middle level. Murdoch designed it to be simple and practical, and this is reflected throughout the design, extending to the internal fittings and accessories.
Old Parliament House was the home of the Federal Parliament in 1927 all the way up to 1988. The building was created by John Smith Murdoch, the first Commonwealth Government architect. He was asked to create a
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It covers 66 hectares in the suburb of Bruce. For people who want to stay in Canberra, the AIS has an accommodation available for people to stay in. In 1981, the AIS started having a sports program with eight sports which included Netball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field, Football, Weightlifting and Swimming. In 1982 the Commonwealth Games were held in Brisbane. 37 of the current and former athletes from AIS competed in three sports and won 12 gold, 12 silver and 7 bronze medals. In 1983 the Gymnastics training hall, the outdoor Tennis courts and the Swimming complex had finished being
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