Old People In A & P

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How would feel to be in a town with mostly old and Lethargic community of people with traditional behavior and believes? Sammy is a Cash Register at the A&P supermarket near the beach in Boston. Everyday, he sees new tourists visiting the beach but one day, three girls with very inappropriate/attractive dress came inside. Perhaps, it is rare to see people like that because the town has traditional people with appropriate clothes. Sammy observes the girls very Meticulously as if they were aliens from different planet. However, the Manager of A&P, Lengel, yells at the girls to wear appropriate clothing. Sammy was very aggressive over Lengel and decides to quit his job because he thought it was time to leave the boring community and the unfair…show more content…
Our community loves the outside world and many people love enjoying the nature’s beauty. Only some old people don’t come out much often. However, if the majority population in our society was only senior citizens, then those few young ones would have a dull life seeing old people everywhere. “there’s people in this town haven’t seen the ocean for twenty years”(pg.48). This shows that the town that Sammy lives in has people who don’t even go to the beach even though it is so close to their house. This tells us that the people are probably old or inactive. Would you think you could live happily in such a boring town? Sammy’s community really motivated him to get out of the town and explore the new world beyond his daily life. All this nuisance happening in sammy’s town proves that he wanted to find freedom. Every time new customers from out of town come into his store, sammy really admired them and wishes he sees them everyday but there’s only old people in his town. After all this frustration and eagerness to live different community, Sammy finally quits his job to show that Lengel that he had enough. Now he can be free from Boredom and explore the rest of the world until he finds his
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