Old Persuasive Speech

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Hey hey, my name’s Anoushka and I’m gonna talk about when can you feel old. You know what’s fun to witness? When intermediate kids act older than they usually are. They go through their first year ready to discover themselves and develop their tween or teenage identities. The moment they hit year 8, they begin spiting the year 7’s just because they’re younger than them. It also goes for some of the year 7’s who think they rule the school and look down upon year 8’s. And this just continues every year until year 12 where their pompous, elitist looking selves are just looking down on every underclassmen like they’ve somehow earned this authority over a kingdom. But then, a reset happens. They graduate and head to, in our case, high school.…show more content…
I say automatically because some of the youth are actually pretty stupid, you gotta admit. It’s almost painful to witness some of them make all the poor decisions in their lives. But that’s what I mean, some of those dumb kids stay dumb for the rest of their lives. They just happen to grow older and have more freedom to be dumb in the adult world. Some people grow old but they never grow up. But aside from those people, when you think about it in the long run, the following generations will always be smarter than the previous, or they should be anyway, because they have more information available for them to learn at a younger age. Every time something new happens in the world, whether it’s a historical event or a technological advancement, it’s collected into the cumulative knowledge that’s been existing and will continue to exist from now and forever. The only reason this is true is because people die. If people were immortal then we’d have our whole lives to expand our intelligence but we’re not. We live, we pass on what we know to the next generation, then we die in hope that the people we leave behind are able to deal with the problems we caused and were not able to
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