Narrative Essay On The Old Polish Foxtrot

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The Old Polish Foxtrot (English coursework, draft) The air was thin, the dark shadows of the room were quailing towards me. I wasn't scared though. For they were my own demons haunting my shaken past of which I couldn't quite remember and there was very little I could do but wait. My stomach was kicking me in the most abnormal places, all I wanted is peace, for there to be no pain. As I placed my bleeding hand on the cold door knob, wanting to escape from the treacherous place, I pressed down gently hoping to be free. Locked with a code combination. I couldn't call to mind where I was or why i was locked up. More embarrassingly, I couldn't remember my own name nor my age. I had noticed blemishes and wrinkles on me palm and wrists of both hands which gave me a subtle clue I was not young. I was in a small dark room with no windows or mirrors, each corner carved with great detail and immaculacy, a small bed big enough to fit a small child, and…show more content…
As I look at the down I notice something oh significance. A necklace that my mother once gave me, I cross necklace. The one memory I do have is as a small child lying on my mothers warm chest, showing me love and affection. She sat me upright and slowly placed a silver chain round my fragile neck. I did not not remember her face, just the feeling of being loved. Bang. The big metal framed door opened and an elderly women possible in her 70s entered the room. She was wearing a nurse uniform. Which looked old and dirty, and not taken care of. Which made wonder to an extent of where I was? So many questions entered my mind. Who am I? What am I doing here? Who put me here? Why can't I remember anything? I need to get out of this living hell. It seemed that i was placed in some sort of asylum, a mental asylum. But i was no monster, i may have not been in a stable state but i was no monster, however the enclosure sure made me feel like
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