Old Population Problems

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The older population is largely increasing while the adult population tends to be decreasing. This means the potential labor force and the retired population ratios are dropping. This makes the adult population and the government need to shoulder responsibility for taking care of the older persons. In case Thailand reaches the old age society, this has an effect on every social service provision. From the population structure prediction having change in the future, there are some important aspects in economics and social science. First aspect: There are the urgent needs for the government to having a clear welfare policy for the old age population and reforming the Social Security system. If there is no change, the system may not be able to support the expense increment. Second aspect: There are necessities for the government having a plan to invest in a research and technology to increase productivity of the working age population. It is because of the fact that less workers have to take higher on, so higher productivity shall be needed.
2.1.2 Social Welfare Theory
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There were 2 determinants; condition of industry growth from economy factors and difference of industry and employment systems. The German government had to take an account for the labor harassment and condition of living. That was the premature death of the head of household will lead to the family problems. Senility caused income loss even people had to survive. Unemployment could also lead to income loss and social loss as well. These were factors that creating crime, sickness, accident, personal income and impact gross domestic product (GDP) of the country Moreover, they lead to lower wage rate which make insufficient to cover living costs causing unqualified labor and unable to recover when encounter with disasters. All of these factors lead to the generating of social

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