Old School Lunches

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The kids stomachs are desperate but not desperate enough to eat the school lunch.The Healthy slop makes stomachs quiver in fear. Michelle Obama has put into use the Hunger, Hunger free Kids Act, that will help feed kids from low income families with healthy lunches . Some people suggest that the new lunches are healthier with less salt and fat; however, they fail to recognize kids are disgusted by the food given to them and sometimes throw most of it away. Therefore, Parents should not agree with the new school lunch requirements Admittedly, some people think that kids are getting the required amount of nutrition. They also think this is a low cost way to feed their kids. However, many kids skip lunch because they are disgusted with the food given to them and to pay for the free or reduced lunches much of the money comes out of teachers paychecks. Michelle Obama will not take any request or take feedback to better the proposal. Firstly, michelle obama 's involvement in the new requirements is horrendous.Michelle has turned the deaf ear to parents. Nobody knows their child like their parents, and every child is different ,you can 't make a “one size…show more content…
Last year we got six and this year we only got three," says Callahan Grund .Many students are still not getting the required amount of nutrients at school.”Students are not required to eat what they are given and can skip it if they so choose”,according to the president of North Carolina High School.The happiness and the productivity of students are hindered and should be considered the most
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