Old Soldiers Home Research Paper

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In order for a place to be considered a national monument it must be historically significant in the United States of America. Once this is determined by the national government it will then be made available and kept up to par for any people who wish to visit it. The President Lincoln and Soldiers Home is considered a national monument because of its popularity amongst the Presidents, specifically President Abraham Lincoln, throughout the years and because it is one of the first places to be considered a home and provide services to veterans who have served for our country. Given its importance in the history of our country it is essential that one be informed of the reasons it became considered a national monument in the year 2000. The Old Soldiers Home, located just three miles from the White House, became very popular amongst the Presidents because it provided a space not far from the White House where they could escape the heat of the summer. It was located on one of the highest hills in the District of Columbia which made it a cool and quiet place for the Presidents to get away from the heat and wartime congestion which was present in the Capital. It…show more content…
In 1851 George Riggs attempted to sell the house to the United States Government as a home for retired and disabled veterans who had served in the army. The Government had to postpone purchasing a home for veterans until General Winfield Scott decided to use some of the money which Mexico City paid to avoid invasion during the Mexican War to pay for the house. The house was purchased in 1851 by an army committee who opened the house to new residents that same year. In 1857 retired soldiers moved into the new gothic styled cottage, by the beginning of the Civil War there were four building on the grounds which were considered a United States Military
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