Old Spice Ad Analysis Essay: Are You Manly?

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Are You Manly? Do you want to be? Well Old Spice thinks with their products they can turn you into that man you want to be or at least smell like it. When it comes to ads about men most of the time they are aimed at being manly or strong. With Old Spice ads that hold true with almost every advertisement of theirs such as the one posted below. The company has been around since 1932 but wasn’t until 2013 that they started to use the “Manly-Man” campaign. Ever since Old Spice seems to make you believe using their products will make you smell like a man, appealing to men who don’t think they are man enough. The ad shows a man in an elevator, one half of his body is heavier, covered up with a sweater, scarf and a hat for the winter holding bottles of Old Spice while the other half he is shirtless holding a bowl of cereal with holes in it causing the milk to come out. In the bowl of cereal has little sticks of dynamite. Also instead of a scarf he has a snake around…show more content…
Starting with what Old Spice wants you to think is the non-manly man, we see an overweight man. They use a larger man to make you feel that you can’t be manly and be overweight at the same time, targeting unhealthy or even men who don’t feel good about themselves so they will use their product and become what is the ideal man. Now Old Spice even gives you a visual look at what they consider to be the ideal man or the manly-man that they claim their product will make you smell like. We see a muscular and tan man, he has scruff on his face and a mullet showing more of what people category as manly. So with these two total opposite people their targeting audience of men who aren’t comfortable with themselves and maybe look like the overweight man and want to be what society thinks is the manly-man. With this advertisement Old Spice tells you that it will make smell like that man and make you feel better than
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