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An advertising campaign can define a company - well, it can provide a new identity for a failing business and revive its shares fall, done wrong, and the campaign can always associate a company with something negative or laughable. Old Spice is an excellent example of how a campaign can change or do business. Before the campaign , " Smell Like A Man, Man " Old Spice was relatively unpopular , especially with young male consumers . Compete with other companies, more "hip" as "Lynx" Old Spice became labelled as too old and not culturally accepted because it is not felt to date. Even the name lent to the non- trendy brand.
However, the advertising agency Wieden Kennedy stepped in and reorganized the mark to give his life , personality, and appeal
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The Old Spice Man promotes an unrealistic idea by describing the "ideal man " as an Adonis that exudes strength, power , wealth and physical superiority. It causes men to be jealous of him and woman to desire him . Mustafa as the face of the Old Spice campaign was able to create a character that was attractive, easy to recognize and strong enough to leave a lasting impression . With brilliant casting, Old Spice used several tactics techniques to maximize its impact on the…show more content…
For example, the 30-second spot ends stating, “I’m on a horse”. It is an obvious statement that almost crosses the line from funny to ridiculous. However, it is impossible to say that this post-modern style of talking doesn’t come across as witty and unmistakable. The fast-paced and fluid set changes are masterly crafted and visually stimulating. The yacht scene not only symbolizes the brands trademark logo but also suggests that the man possesses an heir of elegance or wealth. This is one of several gender biases addressed by the commercial. The ad is able to find some of its humour in the way that these gender stereotypes are blatantly shown. This technique is effective because it targets not only men, the primary users of the product, but also the women whom typically the ones are buying the

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