Old Spice Stereotypes

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Can a body wash make you more of a man? Old Spice unquestionably has the response and they 're not afraid to indicate that either. Old Spice published the ad called "Questions" mid 2010. The ad mockingly stereotypes aspects of masculinity while asking men and female viewers to evaluate the masculinity of their man or themselves. Although "Questions" does little to describe the product it advertises, it proves its value as an compelling advertisement because it has all the formula to persuade; it touches our love of humor while creating a mental relationship between the product and masculinity by utilizing manly specimens to carry these points. Isaiah Mustafa, who starred in the commercial, begins at what gives the impression to be a shower…show more content…
The ad implies that manliness is consuming in these absurdly stereotyped clichés like logrolling or motorcycle riding. The ad goes farther and suggests that real men who use Old Spice can walk on water and even levitate from cliffs. It goes without a need for explanation that normal men or not, can 't perhaps do some of those acts that are being presented because those acts are not characteristics of being a man. This exaggeration, though funny and absurd has a deeper purpose within the advertisement. The contrasting concepts of manliness is apparent for only one reason which was designed to make men feel inadequate and to persuade them to buy Old Spice to fix that inadequacy. These somewhat insulting suggestions are kept lighthearted through Isaiah 's antics which acts as sort of inside joke between the consumers and Old Spice. The joke forms a sense of friendship among the viewers that has led to a standard shift. This advertisement changed the way consumers perceive commercials. No longer are consumers expecting boring, clichéd ads; they expect to see content that engages them and makes them laugh, content that viewers will actively seek and talk about, and above all, content that will spread and manipulate consumer
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