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Self-reliance is detrimental to the well being of a child. The memoir, The Glass Castle, written by Jeannette Walls and the “Florida Mom Arrested After Letting 7-year-old Walk to the Park Alone,” by Caitlin Schmidt represent the dangers of independence in the following ways. For instance, the Walls family lives an extraordinary life where no rules apply. Both Rex and Rosemary are aware of the issues that their laid back parenting has set for their family. In the beginning of Jeannette’s story, she states, “ I’m mature for my age … she lets me cook for myself.” (14) If Rosemary was more attentive, she would not allow her three year old daughter make hot dogs. Rosemary was so caught up in being independent that she basically put her daughter…show more content…
There are certain things that a child must learn because the knowledge is not innate. Parents are meant to guide and protect children. Parents are the ones who inform kids how they should use the bathroom, children need to learn how to brush their teeth, tie their shoes, and more because these are abilities that require informing a children before they could independently put their learned skills to use. Likewise, in Schmidt’s article, a mother promotes independent behavior meanwhile she is not aware of the necessary safety precautions needed. Like anyone the mother could only take on the responsibility of herself and her child yet she allows her child to go about by himself; this is proven when the article states, “by allowing him to cross the street and go to the park alone.” The mother was not aware but there was criminal activity recorded in the area where she allowing her son to be alone. In other words someone could have kidnapped, raped, molested, abducted and or abused her son. Regardless of the possible outcomes and the criminal in particular, his mom would be held responsible. Another example presented in this article was unclear judgement similar to the mother assuming her son would be…show more content…
For instance, teenagers are at the in between stage of where they are trying to grow up and leave their childhood behind. Although they are still living at home under their parents rules, they need all the preparation they could get since they will be leaving their homes soon. In the article, Tethered teens: Becoming too dependent on parents,” Gregory Ramey states “Teens become used to contacting their parents to deal with a myriad of minor issues.” In other words, this transition is more difficult than it has to be when teenagers are clinged onto their parents. As teenagers get older they must learn to be independent so they won't be caught by surprise when they face the reality of things not always being done for them. Independence can only aid to productivity in the long run. Nowadays teenagers appear antisocial because they are always on electronics. This generation has become more technology advanced, the Internet is full of information. In efforts to further prove the benefits or independent teenagers, Romney also states “they frequently look at their cell phone for a solution to every problem.” Teenagers go to their phones before depending on someone else. This is beneficial because these individuals learn how to try to and put their part in first. This skill is essential, leaders take initiative early on so it can become habitual. Independent teenagers

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