Old Wealth In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The 1920s was the age of major social change. From women’s suffrage to the emergence of flappers, many people saw the 1920s as a new age and wanted to join societal changes. Everyone seemed to be chasing after one dream, often called “The American Dream” of being wealthy and careless. Not only did people want to become wealthy, but they wanted to live the lifestyle of “Old Wealth”, which were people who had inherited their money and lived like royalty. Many people worked towards this, trying so hard to become old wealth, but no matter how hard they tried, they could never become that. They were classified as “New Wealth” and oftentimes people of old wealth looked down upon those individuals. F. Scott Fitzgerald often wrote many stories about this pursuit of wealth since he was also a person who aspired to be like that, but unlike many others, he was also able to see the truth beneath what it meant to be wealthy.…show more content…
He explores this topic in a famous novel called The Great Gatsby, and specifically in one passage out of the book when Gatsby invites Nick and the Buchanans to a party and as the night goes on, Gatsby continues to look for approval from the Buchanans while they turn their noses up at his
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