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The setting of Old Yeller is in a small town in central Texas in the late 1860's. A 14 year old boy named Travis must take care of his family when his papa goes to take cattle to the cattle market because they’re in need of money. That morning a stray dog arrives and when Travis goes to get some of his family’s very small food supply he finds it missing and the stray very full nearby. He goes to kick the dog but his brother, Arliss, starts throwing rocks at Travis for kicking “his dog”. His mama sides with Arliss and lets him keep the dog. Old Yeller. The next day Travis is sent out to hunt he brings back a doe only to find his brother and old yeller playing in their family’s water supply. Then there’s a bull fight in front of the house…show more content…
He also has to save old yeller and a disease is spreading called hydrophobia. Rabies also started to spread in livestock, rodents. When him and old yeller go hog herding to mark all the baby’s following a sow that bares their mark. Old Yeller attempts to herd the hogs the hogs to a tree a quarter mile away the hogs go under a cliff instead so Travis goes to the edge of the cliff where the pigs are below him and attempts to get one of the baby’s to mark them the cliff collapses. Travis tried to run but he was to slow and a hog tusk slashed his right calf falling to the ground. Then Old yeller went in between him and the hogs fangs baring and they went at it tusks slashing at old yeller he gave Travis a chance to get away and Travis took it. When Travis was running he tripped gained his senses back wrapped his wound and went back towards old yeller when he found him he was slashed really bad Travis tide up his wounds and ran home to get mama. When they went back their were buzzard gathering. Old yeller gets rabies and Travis is forced to shoot him. The main idea of old yeller is that even a stray dog can become your friend if you treat him right hell lay down his life for

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