Older Adults At Risk Essay

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First, who’s at risk for falls? As stated earlier, generally older adults 65 and over are at risk for falls but this doesn’t mean that every adult that fits in this age range is at risk. There are certain risk factors to look out for that make you more at risk for falls. Most falls can be linked to a combination of risk factors. Some of these risk factors are lower body weakness, vitamin D deficiencies, difficulties with walking and balance, use of certain medications, vision problems, foot pain or poor footwear, and home hazards (CDC, 2015). Individuals who fall into one or more of these categories are at risk, no matter what age group they fall under. However, due to the physiological changes that occur during the aging process, this makes older adults at a higher risk than any other group. According to the Ohio Department of Health, older females have a higher risk for non-fatal fall-related injuries (Ohio Dept. Health, 2011). In fact, in 2011 females age 65 and over fall-related injuries skyrocketed, in comparison with males (Ohio Dept. Health, 2011). In spite of this, older males are at a greater risk for suffering a fatal fall, even though there was a greater number of fatal falls among older females between 2002 and 2011 (Ohio Dept. Health, 2011). Furthermore, older adults who have…show more content…
Actually healthcare workers can be helpful when implementing steps to prevent falls as well as give information for fall prevention programs. Nonetheless, carrying out the proper actions to avoid falls is quite simple and effective. As mentioned above, attending a fall prevention programs are one of the many was to learn how to prevent falls. According to the CDC, aside from fall prevention programs, doing prescribed exercises at home and changing your home environment are also examples (CDC,

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