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Older people in Ireland today face concerns that need to be dealt with. Some of these concerns include loneliness and poor health. It is our job as social care workers to assess their needs and do what we can to help them. In this essay I will outline my understanding of the needs of the elderly focusing on their physical, psychological and social needs. I will also reflect on my role as a social care worker in assisting the elderly to fulfill their needs. Finally I will reflect on the benefits of utilizing a questionnaire to assist me in assessing the overall wellbeing of the elderly. I would primarily like to talk about the physical needs of the elderly. Mobility is something that is very relevant to older people whether it’s getting around…show more content…
There are many psychological issues that older people can develop such as depression and dementia. Older people have a lot of issues that they may find difficult to deal with such as the decline in their health, losing their loved ones and losing their independence by going into a care home or having to depend fully on a family member or stranger. Geropsychology is the study of aging and the provision of services for the elderly. Psychologists can help older people and assist the families of older people to conquer problems they may face and also to help the older person try to achieve their greatest potential in later…show more content…
Keeping socially active is very important to everybody however for the elderly it can become a big concern. There are many reasons why older people become less sociable with age including lack of mobility and decline in health. These factors that come with aging can end up with the older person spending a lot of time alone. Spending too much time alone can conclude with the person losing their self esteem and becoming depressed. The elderly need opportunities to be involved in society in order to beat the feeling of loneliness a lot of them are struggling

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