Essay On Elderly Observation

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My older population observational hours allowed me to realize that the elderly are active members of society and have a lot of wisdom to offer to the younger generations. I got to listen to great stories from a great person that I met at a local restaurant. I wouldn’t have imagined the astonishing life experiences people from can go through and now more than ever, I feel grateful for my family and our wellbeing. Getting older is something to look forward to since it’s just a misconception that as you age, you lose your happiness. I now understand that getting older means having more time to enjoy hobbies and family, which bring true happiness to your life. Older adults obtain the purpose and meaning in life.

My observations came from locations
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I went particularly to one location because that’s where my mom’s works. My mom has been an assistant manager at a local McDonald’s for almost 10 years and I had my first job there as a high school student. I became very fond of the loyal customers that have eaten at this restaurant for many years. I made time to visit my mom at her job and was hoping to see Mr. Rene. His routine is to come every Thursday for breakfast and coffee. Mr. Rene is a 74-year-old Colombian male with the sweetest heart and cheeriest personality I have ever met. He has shared so many stories about his lifetime in the United States as well as his childhood in Colombia that I consider him part of my family. I had breakfast with him on February 10, 2017 and I wanted to know how he was doing. He is retired and told me that he was recently in Mexico for vacation and that he had a great time in Jalisco. I enjoy his stories about his childhood in Colombia. His family migrated to Florida for a better quality of life and economic opportunities. He shared with me his life growing up and how he met his wife. He married his beautiful wife when he was 26 years old and procreated 3 wonderful sons who are very successful adults. He loves art and enjoys listening to music from all around the world. I was present when Mr. Rene was working on a drawing. He favorite pass time activity is to draw and paint. We spent about 2 hours
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