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Why This Really is Our State 167 years after opening their doors the University of Mississippi continues to impact the state of Mississippi. Also known as Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi ranks highest in the state when it comes to being number one. With Ole Miss’s outstanding school history, present day changes, and future goals, there is no doubt that the University of Mississippi has and will continue to make an everlasting mark on the state of Mississippi. In 1848, Ole Miss was established. That year, “the University of Mississippi opened its doors to 80 students,” (History). It was not until thirty four years later that the school admitted the first woman and shortly after their first woman facility. (History). Between…show more content…
With all the hustle and bustle of the “mini Civil War,” the football team stepped up and out shined the bad. “It was the 16th team at the University of Mississippi and it accomplished something no Ole Miss team before or since has done, a perfect record, including a 17-13 victory over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.” That year they were also named National champions making this the third time: 1959, 1960, and 1962. (Ole Miss Sports). The history of Ole Miss has impacted the state of Mississippi greatly over the past 167 years and continues to only strive upward looking out of the…show more content…
The class of 2019, the entering freshman class, is also the smartest class as a whole to ever enroll at the university since opening. (***) Ole Miss has come a long way from 80 white men in 1848 to having around 25, 000 enroll in 2015. “More than 61 percent of all students are from Mississippi, and 23.8 percent of students are minorities.” (Facts and Statistics). The biggest present change at the university being the mascot. The Colonel Reb was recently out voted and the position was took over by Rebel the black bear. This change did not strike good with most of the University’s fans and alumni, but over the past couple of years has grew on people. Having a separate mascot for defense, the Landshark, Ole Miss is content for settling with the bear. (Gura). Here in present time there has been another dispute about change. The name “Ole Miss” has been considered being changed because it dates back to the confederacy. “Ole Miss has been here since I can remember. It needs to stay. That is our slogan. We are Ole Miss - amen.” (Knispel) Looking into the future, Ole Miss is only expected to get bigger and better. Clinging to what confederate roots and southern traditions are still left, the University of Mississippi

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