Olga Khazan Analysis

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Did you get spanked as a child? There are many people that would say that they were spanked as a child, they would most likely also remember being put in time out and being grounded for how they were acting. Olga Khazans article she makes a bold statement stating that people should not discipline their children such as spanking children or having time outs. There are three ways that Olga Khazan tries to persuade her audience into not discipling their children, the three ways are issues, pathos, and ethos. Olga Khazan uses mostly pathos throughout her article to connect with the readers and parents. Olga Khazan makes a bold statement about not discipling children because when people disciplining children it can cause issues with humanity’s morals. One way she supports these issues by showing different parenting approaches “Things that parents model very often influence how children behave as children and adults.” (Khazan).…show more content…
“parents fall …into three categories…small number who seem intuitively… do everything… Moms and dads … that actually work … an even smaller number who are horrifically abusive to their kids…the biggest chunk by…parents in the middle. They’re far from abusive.” ( Khazan). Olga Khazan uses pathos throughout her whole article to persuade parents not to discipline their children, she shows different parenting categories to connects with her readers because Olga Khazan shows a mixture of parenting techniques which persuades her readers to change their parenting techniques to a non-violent and non-disciplinary approach. “We don't change their children. We change the parents, so they can change their children.”(Khazan) Olga Khazan uses the last sentence in her article that uses pathos to connect with parents to show that parents need to change to help their children change their life and their later
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