Oliver Cromwell Dbq

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From 1642 to 1649 the British Isles were thrown into turmoil. What started as an argument between parliament and the crown became one of the deadliest wars fought in the British Isles. Britain would see a regime change akin to the invasion by Normans they faced in the 11th century. And the control later gained by Oliver Cromwell would turn England into a military dictatorship with few religious freedoms and leave another black mark on Ireland's history.
The 1630s had been a pleasant time for Charles the I's kingdoms. But as the decade marched on the public opinion of Charles became more negative. In 1635 he enacted the ship money tax, a tax that helped strengthen the navy and was historically was applied to seaside towns. However, Charles
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He was also a very religious man and followed the Puritan way of life and worship. When he assumed power, he declared that all parish priests had to be Puritans. And quickly began banning anything he believed would interfere with the people's connection to God. This meant no dancing, Christmas festivities, or theater, and no fun. Sunday laws (laws that prohibit certain activities from being performed on a Sunday) carried hefty punishments such as flogging, fines, and being put in the stocks. The Puritan doctrine stated that those who worked hard would go to heaven and Cromwell did his best to make sure that the public followed this. In addition, he also banned colorful dresses and makeup for women in favor of more plain and modest…show more content…
Cromwell's time as Lord Protector changed how the Crown and Parliament interacted and worked with each other. His army laid the foundation for the Army's in England that came after. And he changed the landscape of religion in the isles, strengthening the Protestant majority and tearing down the Irish Catholics. His crusade against Charles the I and subsequent reign inspired the American colonists to go against military dictators. Though his time as a leader is remembered both negatively and positively his influence cannot be
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