Oliver Queen As A Hero Essay

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Not all heroes wanted their life to be turned upside down, in fact, many loved heroes were reluctant to save people when they were first thrown into this new life. Many well known fictional vigilantes didn’t want to immediately help as soon as they began their heroic duties. Oliver Queen (the vigilante of Starling City, Arrow) had doubts, as well as the beloved Harry Potter. Heroes are people who help and save civilians, just to do it, whereas a reluctant hero is hesitant to be the one who saves the day.
Sometimes heroes are reluctant because they are selfish and don’t want to help others. Oliver Queen is the perfect example of a reluctant hero. For five years he was on an island with only people that wanted to kill him. Oliver is rescued from the island and returned to his home with a list from his father who died on the infamous island. The list had people who Oliver
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Harry Potter is constantly being thrown into situations where he is expected to be the hero. He almost always obliges with the opportunity and saves the day (and the entire wizarding world). In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry was put into such a situation. Hermione wanted Harry to mentor their peers, because he had more experience with actually using Defense Against the Dark Arts spells. Harry didn’t wish to do this task because some of the kids in his year already disliked him for getting the attention, but he realized that since their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Dolores Umbridge, was only giving them book work and not actually teaching them how to defend themselves against He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, he should take on the challenge. One student that had previously struggled was Neville Longbottom, but because of Harry’s guidance, Neville excelled with his spell-work. If Harry had decided not to fulfill his heroic duties many more classmates would have died in their war against
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