Oliver Stone's Where I Find My Heroes

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Genuine heroes do not concern themselves with whether or not they are better than anyone else; their intention is only to aid other people. Sometimes we treat people as heroes simply because of their important accomplishments or because they have otherwise elevated themselves above others. However, it is the common people in life who stand out from the crowd only because of their goodness that demonstrate true heroism. Although heroes show moral greatness as they act with integrity and are unwavering even in dire circumstances, they are not always those whom we celebrate as great. Heroes selflessly do what is right, always remembering the needs of others above their own well-being. A good example of a hero who did this is Abraham Lincoln. As Dr. Phineas D. Gurley says,(SB, p. 68). Lincoln believed in and worked extremely hard for the cause of liberty, not because it would benefit him, but because it would benefit the rest of the country for…show more content…
Instead, they are common people who are trying to make a difference. In the article, “Where I Find My Heroes,” Oliver Stone explains that he is currently facing the problems and challenges of parenthood and that from this perspective he has realized that to be a good parent is a form of heroism. Heroes are often ordinary people and as Stone says, “Most of what they do goes unheralded, unappreciated. And that, ironically, is heroism: not to be recognized” (SB, p. 64) Another example of the heroic deeds of regular people, was the 9/11 boatlift. As soon as a radio call was made requesting assistance after the planes hit, scores of boats began sailing in, not knowing what had happened or what danger there might be. In about 9 hours, more than 500,000 people were rescued by boat. Paul Frank, one of the rescuers, said, “No training. This was just people doing what they had to do that day.” In many situations, average people become heroes by stepping up and doing great
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