Oliver Twist Book Report

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Oliver Twist - by Charles Dickens

The story takes place 1830’s England.
It all starts with a woman who is found on the street outside a workhouse and dies after giving birth to a small boy who gets the name Oliver Twist. The first nine years of his life he lives in a home for parentless children. After does years he got send to work in a workhouse.

One day did Oliver ask for more food after a meal, which was sort of a crime. After this, the village beadle, Mr. Bumble that was responsible for Oliver, decide to offer Oliver to any person who would take Oliver away because he was not wanted anymore in the workhouse. Oliver started to work in a coffin-shop.
The other workers were very cruel to him and always tried to make him feel bad and even
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In the end Oliver gets adopted by Mr. Brownlow and they move to the countryside to live a peaceful life.

Faithful, captivating and thrilling
A very captivating story with very detailed text about the places, environment and characters so you sometimes need to take a short break to just enter all information. During the reading, it’s always happening new things all the time.

When I think of my son that is 6 years old and if I would read this book, I would say that the book is for teenagers and up in ages and not for smaller children, the story is written in an uncensored detail text.

The story is about the reality and how it could be in a real-life perspective in the 1800’s and if we compare the story of Oliver Twist and the world we now are living in, we still have prejudice and we judge people how they are dressed and how they look or smell, without knowing what background and the story they have or what they been through during their lives. If you really think about it, it could be a documentary of a person's life, in book format. The book made me think about how we can see our society today and that unfortunately many of us are still as ignorant as we were 200 years

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