Oliver Twist Novel Analysis

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Sidhant Bhatia Oliver Twist Chapter Notes Chapter 1 Olive Twist is born in a workhouse in the 1830s in England. He was brought into this world of sorrow and trouble, by a parish surgeon and a drunk nurse (inferred that she was drunk because it says that she deposited a green bottle, the contents of which she was tasting with satisfaction in the corner). When Oliver came out of his mom’s body (mom’s name not specified) he was not able to breath at first but after a few struggles, he breathed, sneezed, and then cried. After the baby cried the mom said “Let me she the child, and die.” She then kissed the baby and dies. The nurse tell the surgeon that she found the lady lying in the streets last night. The surgeon then raises the lady’s left hand and notices that she was not wearing a wedding ring. Chapter 2 For about the next 10 months, Oliver was treated very badly. Oliver was sent by parish authorities to a branch-workhouse for juvenile against the poor-laws. There was an elderly female there that made sure that the kids got the food they needed for their upbringing. On Oliver’s ninth birthday he was a pale and thin child. On Oliver’s birthday Mr. Bumble…show more content…
Gamfield saw the sign of being offered five pounds to take Oliver, he rushed to go and get it. Mr. Gamfield is chimney sweep and offered to make Oliver his apprentice. The board realized that five pounds was too much of a reward for a trade like chimney sweep. So the board settled on three pound ten as a reward. The sale of Oliver had to be finalized in front of a magistrate. On the way to the magistrate Mr. Bumble told Oliver to look happy and cheerful and also to say yes when the magistrate asks if he wants to become Mr. Gamfield’s apprentice. But when the magistrate asked Oliver why he looked so “pale and alarmed”, he said he didn’t want to be an apprentice and started crying. Upon hearing this, the magistrate declined the sale and told Mr. Bumble to take Oliver back and to treat him with
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