Oliver Twist Summary

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

1. Victorian period

Victoria’s long reign saw a growth in literature, especially in fiction, practiced notably by Dickens, Thackeray, the Brontës, George Eliot, Trollope, James, and Hardy. Victorian is a term that is often extended beyond the queen’s reign (1837-1901) to include William IV’s reign from 1830. Historian distinguish early, middle, and late Victorian England, corresponding to periods of growing pains, of confidence in the 1850s, and of loss of consensus after 1880, a date which offers a convenient division: Charles Dickens (1812-70), and Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) belonged to different ages. (Alexander, Michael A history of English literature, 2000, Macmillan press LTD: London)
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The distance to London is 70 miles by walking in the road. In the middle of travelling, he found the house. He gets scolded after visiting that house. He never give up, he continue his journey to London. But he is fainted after exhaustion during the journey. He is founded by the old woman. The old woman is very nice, she gives him food. After Oliver finished the food, he continue to London. In the London, he meets Jack Dawkins, a boy his own age in the market. He offers him shelter in the London. When he arrived, he meet some other boy and Fagin. Fagin is a career criminal who trains orphan boys to pick pockets for him. Fagin teach him how to be…show more content…
In Oliver Twist Novel, there are several interesting part I can learn. The first interesting part is when Oliver becomes a trouble maker by asking for another food. I can see this by looking and reading sentence “please sir I want some more”. Oliver twist is the first person who very brave and dare to raise voice to fight for his rights to get enough food.
The second interesting part is when Oliver escape from Mr. Sowerberry house to London. He gets many difficulties during his trip. He gets scolded, falls, and fainted but he never give up. He is strong enough as the young boy until one day he reach his destination to London.
The third interesting part is Oliver Twist always give a good impression to stranger and he has good personality. So, when he meets Fagin, Fagin treat him nicely as his child like he gives Oliver enough food, give the good place, and treat his wound well. Although Fagin is someone who teach steal but inside his heart he has some good attitude. So, Proverb says do not judge book by its cover. Another example is Nancy visits Mr.Brownlow house and give message to maid about the place where Oliver live. This proves that Nancy is not bad at all, she has some kind
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