Olivia Parker's Short Story: Mystic Falls

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The streets of New Orleans were a far cry from small town Mystic Falls but the hustle and bustle of the famous metropolis didn 't even phase Olivia Parker who at the moment walked within the city limits. She had entered the birthplace of jazz mere hours ago and though she was exhausted, she knew rest was far off. Right now she needed to find a witch who could help her preform a powerful spell and though she may have been able to do said spell all on her own, she knew that this particular magic would need someone with far more knowledge, an elder to be precise. Someone like that wasn 't just wandering around Mystic Falls which was why the petite blonde spent all night driving. She just hoped someone would help her, see past what she was trying to do and take pity on her. After all; asking the darkest magic of someone wasn 't like asking a simple favor.…show more content…
She paused for a brief moment, scared of what may come from the spell, however it took her only seconds to think of Luke; of how he had sacrificed himself for her and was now dead. Tears spilled from her eyes like they 'd been doing do often lately; she needed her brother back now- and so perking up she placed her hands over the objects laid before the bed. Without wasting another moment she started to chant, foreign words spelling from her lips; it took mere moments for the spell to start taking effect, she could feel the dark magic working in her bones. She felt that if she opened her eyes now she 'd see a storm brewing outside and the room shaking now. Blah blah blah blah, warm blood spilled from her nose and her whole body fell into pain, any normal witch would stop now but no other witch was trying to un-merge two brothers stuck into one psychos body. The spell was quickly coming to and end and though Liv felt someone was wrong she continued any way. Blackness started to set in and before she could finish the last remaining words, she fell to the floor, unconscious and unable to see what was
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