Olivia Perry Monologue

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She was to smart for her own good harper kopriva

“What’s wrong, late night?” Detective Olivia Bennett asked Special Agent Elliot Park as he walked in. Wouldn’t you like know!” Elliot smirked “Gross!” Olivia grimaced. Let’s go, we have a dead body,” the head detective, Detective Benson, exclaimed grabbing his stuff. When they got to the crime scene. They started to explore around. The girl they had found was Ashtyn Perry, she was a freshman at Harvard. It looked as if she had been strangled, it had been about 14 hours since her death. She had died at approximately 11:00 in the evening. She was wearing a Black pencil skirt, and a silver sequin top. Elliot was looking around and saw a tube of lip gloss. he picke up, it was strange Ashtyn appeared to have no makeup on.
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Sure right this way. As they were walking up the stairs Olivia asked, do you have anymore children? Yes, Sarah, she is my other daughter. Wen they reached he top of the long staircase, they first passed Sarah 's room. Olivia noticed a piece of black cloth similar looking and in size to the cloth and rip of Ashtyn’s skirt near the door. When they finally reach Ashtyn’s bedroom, they open the door and see the window wide open. Where is Sarah, and do the two girls get along? Sarah is at a friend’s, they usually don 't get along. I will be write back, feel free to look around, Mrs. Perry quivered walking out of the room. Elliot and Olivia looked around a little bit, they didn 't find anything. On their way out Olivia grabbed the piece of cloth. When they reached the bottom of the stairs they went into the kitchen to ask a few more questions Mrs. Perry do you know who Ashtyn may have gone to a party with. I would assume her best friend from high school, Payton Bosch, she lives on 802 Water
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