Olivia Ramiro Interview

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Interview Subject’s Name: Olivia Valeria Ramiro
Relationship to me: Sunday School Director
Subject’s Age: 87 Year of birth: 1928
Subject’s Current Residence: City: Houston State: TX

I decided to interview Olivia Ramiro, who is one of the many dedicated church members that attend Trinity Baptist Church. The interview took place at our church on November 29th.
Olivia grew up in the country then later moved into the city of Houston. While growing up she was called Oli (short for Olivia), which was her nickname her family used for her. She grew up in a religious based family with nine other brothers and sisters(being the sixth in line). She recalls when her father and older brothers worked on their ranch, picking cotton, picking strawberries
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They all had free time in the playground that had only one seesaw and some swings. On her way home, she took the bus and once they got to her bus-stop she got off and walk a quarter of a mile to her home. She told me that when she got older they would say prayer and the pledge allegiance in the mornings. She also had music lessons where she learned her first notes. When she entered high school she did not have a vision to be a teacher or anything similar, but she did want to be a secretary so she took business courses like typing, shorthand, and secretarial training. Whenever she got to learning about human revolution, it disturbed her because she was a christian and she new it was a lie. When she was in the 12th grade, her class discussed trial marriages, people living together before marriage to see their compatibility, and she thought it was not right in her eyes. She had different awards in courses like bible lessons, leadership, and computer courses. She started playing the piano for her church and that was one thing she is always been grateful for. She had an old piano remodeled so she could start practicing at home with a close friend who was a professor. In exchange for piano lessons, her mother worked around his

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