Olmsted: Goat Island At Niagara Falls

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The way Goat Island is positioned in the middle of the falls grabbed Vaux’s attention. Olmsted also referred to it as the jewel of Niagara. Botanists declared that in this area there are larger collection of plants than any other place in the United States or in the Europe. This large collection is not the only reason that David Day called it the “vernal beauty” but the high volume of these collection. The journalist Charles Dudley Warmer also said that “the walk about Goat Island at Niagara Falls is probably unsurpassed in the world for wonder and beauty.” In the 1850, accessing to the Goat Island was possible through Bath Island. These Two Islands were from the belongings of Porter family. All the breath-taking beauty led Olmsted discuss…show more content…
American press also welcomed the idea as they believed this project would help to maintain better relationships between American and Canadian citizens besides saving a natural jewel for the next generations. Vaux emphasised on preserving the natural characteristic combined with the compelling landscape features. Governor Robinson has greatly welcomed the idea, and in February 1879 he suggested that Niagara Falls is an international property, therefore an international committee should be assigned to preserve the Niagara Falls. However, the idea of having an international park was not a practical project. In 1880, Olmsted with the help of a skilled director of survey, James T. Gardner, ran a research on the possible future purchase of the land which was surrounding the falls. In the report they also specified the high costs that visitors needed to pay in order to visit the falls at the time of the research. They have also presented the industrial abuses that has spoiled the view in mainland shore and Bath Island. Furthermore, Goat Island was at the risk of altering into an under developed…show more content…
A visitor from House of Lords has also admitted this when he visited Niagara in the summer of 1879. The Niagara Reservation After 1887 In March of 1888, Dorsheimer(the president of the commission), the loyal supporter of Olmsted died, instead Green occupied his place. Considering the fact that Green and Olmsted had conflicts before, Olmsted quit the project and gave all future responsibility and consulting to Vaux. The stone arched bridge which was planned by Vaux is the compelling remaining construction. After Green’s death, the board had decided to change the name of the Bath Island to Green Island. Niagara Falls power was suggested by Evershed in 1886. This project was funded by American and European investors which as a result in the summer of 1895 they could use the electricity. Later they could send the electricity to Buffalo which was 20 miles away. Niagara Falls turned into one of the world’s leading centers of electro-process corporations. A treaty was passed between Canada and the United States that certain cubic feet of water per second would constantly

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