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Being Mexican American in The United States, I wanted to learn more about my culture and the impact Mexicans or Mexican Americans have had in the community or the communities surrounding me. Researching historical places, I stumble upon Olvera Street. Olvera Street is known to be the first pueblo in what today we call Los Angeles, California. When Olvera Street was founded in 1781, it was called El pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Ángeles, which translate to “The Settlement of Our Queen of Los Angeles.” After googling Olvera Street and noticing that I live a couple of miles away, I decided to take a small trip. Arriving to Olvera Street brought many memories back to me, I had forgotten that my parents use to take my sibling and I to Olvera…show more content…
Olvera Street is now full of shops that sell mexican authentic items such as festive dresses, homemade candies, leather products, Mexican flags, clay dishes and a lot more. Live music and many little mexican food restaurants create a sense of Mexico without leaving the country. I asked Emily, a shop owner who claims her grandmother was one of the first shop owners on Olvera Street, that what did she believe made Olvera Street so popular in the Mexican and Mexican-American community. She stated that many Mexicans go to Olvera street because it has become a substitute of home, Mexico. She continue to add that Olvera Street has become a little Mexico for many, especially the immigrants who can’t leave the country because of fear of not not being able come back. She also stated, “everything you find in Mexico, you can find here. In fact, over 90% of the things here are made in Mexico, which makes this place little Mexico.” I also asked a Olvera Street tour guy who was sitting inside Avila Adobe, that what made this place common in the hispanic community. He responded, “Olvera street has become part of all hispanics culture, not only mexicans. Hispanic from all countries can identify themselves here because everyone has a lot in common.” Due to the fact that Olvera Street has become an escape to another world, not only does it welcomes many local hispanics, but also thousands of tourist from around the

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