Olympias's Influence On Alexander The Great

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Olympias; also known as the wife of King Philip II, and mother of late king Alexander the Great. This historical wife and mother was a huge part of both her husband and sons life. She was especially an influence Alexander. Olympias was the daughter of Neoptolemus, who was the king of Molossians, which was one of the best tribes in Epirus. Olympias lived a quite enjoyable life as a queen, and helped mold the future of Macedonia with her husband King Philip II. Although the life of a queen might seem easygoing and dandy, Olympias was a strong-headed woman who overcame lots of tasks. What exactly did Olympias do throughout her lifetime? Why was she such an influence to her son, Alexander the Great? Read along this essay, and great answers will…show more content…
As soon as he came into the world, Olympias’s main objective was to make him king. She made sure she offered him a great education, so she and her husband hired Greek philosopher Aristotle to tutor Alexander. He considered her one of the most influential people in his lifetime, and follows her strong paths. Alexander loved most that his mother was tough-headed and arrogant. Being tough-headed and arrogant allows him to never be stepped on, and only follow through with the things you please. He was named king a little after the age twenty. Alexander the Great was easily known as one of the most successful kings of his time. Alexander the Great conquered what is most of the world today. To give a brief description of his victories, he conquered areas such as Egypt and Persia. He reputably never lost a battle, and was an intimidation to others around him. His militaristic strategies and the influence of his mother helped him overcome many things. His father of course was a very important successor before his time. Philip conquered all of Greek city-states victoriously. After he wasn’t crowned king anymore due to his death, his son beat him to be on top. Alexander held more accomplishments. While his father was away for battle, Olympias oddly enough told Alexander that his father was not who he was, and that is was Zeus. Zeus in that time was a Greek supreme
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