Olympic Games: Benefits For Hosting Olympic Games

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Benefits for Countries Hosting Olympic Games The Olympic Games are one of the most world renown mega-events that are held every two years. During the time that the games are held, culture from nation is being introduced into the host country’s environment and allows for people from all over the globe to become more cultured on other civilizations. Every benefit they receive from investing into the olympics is returned as a profit because of the long lasting effects of the Olympics, allowing each one of their benefits to earn more profits for the country. An outstanding example of cultural unity is the Korean team during the Winter Olympic Games, which was not separated into North and South. Host countries gain cultural integration and unity, economic benefits, and a reshaped or refined image, all of which are benefits that host…show more content…
For example, the sense of cultural unity would not be as strong if there was no unity to be had in the first place and create the sequence of events that causes a feeling of unity. The following quote from Kurt Pitzer from the most recent Winter Olympic Games of 2018, shows how cultural unity caused by the Olympic Games can come a long way into making progress towards settling disputes and lessening tensions, “One of the most poignant scenes at the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony Feb. 9 will be a show of unity as North and South Korean athletes enter the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium side by side, under a common flag.” With the Korean team standing behind one flag instead of being divided, a sense of unity is created and in turn that creates a great atmosphere for the Olympics, making it a better event that will earn more revenue for the host country. With such a sense of unity, people in the general population of the host country will feel a sense of nationalism and take pride in being a citizen of the country that can behold such a large scale
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