Olympic Games History

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The Olympic Games are considered to be the world’s most prestigious and has got to be the most important sports competition that is held every four years at the chosen country. This sports competition is obviously inspired by the ancient Olympic Games that originated from Greece during 8th century BC. It was originally a religious athletic even that was held at the sanctuary of Zeus, the only games that were featured at that time was wrestling, pankration, horse and chariot racing events. The name Olympics was given by the great demi-God Hercules, which is of course only according to legend. What is so nice about the olympics is that, they don't only feature athletes from several countries, they also have a specific competition for people with…show more content…
They American team has been a part of the the Olympics ever since it started in 1896. They sent fourteen athletes to Athens, Greece to represent the United States at that time. They actually won the most medals, beating the original home of the Olympics, which is Greece. They actually won 11 medals out of 14 athletes, which was extremely impressive. And after more than 120 years, the United States still has the current lead when it comes to winning medals from the Olympics. They currently have 2,520 medals and 1,022 of them are gold. One of the most notable athlete from the American team is Michael Phelps who currently has 28 gold medals and 23 of them are gold. The US is the only country who hasn't failed at bringing home a gold medal in the Summer…show more content…
They are considered to be the only country to have one at least one gold medal at the every Summer Olympics. Some of the most notable Olympians who are represented Great Britain are Sir Chris Roy and Jason Kenneth, who won six gold medals with one silver each for the sport track cycling. Another notable Olympian from Great Britain is Laura Trott, who is considered to be the most successful female Olympian for Great Britain. She won four gold medals for her sport cycling.



Just like the United States and the Great Britain, Germany also participated on the very first Olympics in 1896. Germany actually hosted the Olympics three times already and it is during the 1936 Winter and Summer Olympics and the 1972 Summer Olympics. They were supposed to host the 1916 Summer Olympics and also the 1940 Winter Olympics, but then it was cancelled because of the World Wars. Also because of the wars, Germans weren't allowed to participate in the 1920, 1924 and the 1948 Olympics.


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