Olympic Swimming In P. H. Mullen's Gold In The Water

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How many people know about Olympic swimming and the hardships the swimmers must undergo? With great reviews, Gold in the Water by P. H. Mullen, shows exactly what the swimmers go through mentally and physically and the history of the Olympic sport. The two swimmers put their bodies through hell and back with the ridiculous training they each undergo.
The Swimmer Kurt Grote was a man of speed but he did not start out that way. For example, "Grote got into competitive swimming at the relatively late age of 15, when his doctor prescribed it to help fight his asthma. Grote jumped at the opportunity to make a high school sports team, since he had enjoyed only limited success with soccer" (ARENOFSKY 2). Kurt got into the swimming game late but
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For example, The author provides a look into the physical training as well as the psychological training for the two swimmers as they try and make the olympic swim team (Mullen 1). The author does a wonderful job describing everything that happens during the training of a swimmer like the review said. For example, "Mullen skillfully details exactly what the swimmers are feeling and think and Sports fans and anyone who has trained for competition will find this book enjoyable" (“GOLD” 1). The author perfectly describes what is going on in the swimmer's head while they are in their ruthless training for the Olympics. For example, The book features two boys, one trying to trace his father's path to Olympic glory and one trying to walk away from everything. Led by one of the greatest coaches in sports (Barns 1). The author clearly states which story it is trying to tell, it combines and separates the stories of the two swimmers perfectly. Overall the book has positive reviews because of its ability to show what the swimmers are thinking, while also telling a story of how the two boys came to Olympic
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