Om From Our Twisted Hero Analysis

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A hero is someone that saves the day, or makes a person better. A twisted hero does the same thing, however, their heroic actions are not as obvious. Om from Our Twisted Hero could be considered a twisted hero. Throughout the novel, Om was depicted as a vicious dictator that nobody had ever challenged. When Han moved to this school, however, he was keen to notice all of Om’s flaws, and was the first one to challenge his rule. Om taught them to stand up for themselves, to endure things when they get hard, and taught them to defend what they think is right. Almost daily, Om would “borrow” something from one of his classmates. Every day at lunchtime, Om would go around asking the students to give him money, or even parts of their own lunches. Saying no to Om wasn’t an option. Everyday, everyone handed over what Om wanted. Aside from lunch everyday, Om also made a habit of “borrowing” peoples objects. Since everyone was so afraid of Om, nobody would ever say no to him. One day at school, Yun Pyongjo brought his father’s very expensive gold lighter to school without his father knowing, since he was on a…show more content…
When Han came to the school, he wasn't used to a class monitor bossing everyone around, and shortly after coming, he decided to tell the teacher about Om. To Han’s disappointment, the teacher did nothing but praise Om and commend him in keeping the classroom so orderly. Han knew that Om was just putting on a show for the teacher, but at that point Han figured it was time to give up. When Om impressed the teacher, Han just gave up and wasn't willing to endure and try again. If Han had kept trying, he probably would have gotten Om in trouble eventually. This was Om’s way of teaching Han and that other students a lesson in enduring through hard times. As a twisted hero, Om didn't just show the student how to endure through tough times, he forced them to do it
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