Om Symbolism

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Name: OM Symbolic Meaning: Brahman. This is the form of God that transcends form itself. Hindu sources say that before God had a body he uttered the sound OM, and from that sound all the other gods came into being. This is a universal symbol, both in symbolic meaning and palmistry meaning. Palmistry Meaning: Strong karmic lesson for the area of the palm that the OM appears upon. This can be either positive or negative depending on other indications on the hands, but the person needs to learn from the difficulties represented by the mount this symbol is placed upon. For example, an OM appearing on the mount of Mars means that this person has a major Karmic lesson associated with self-discipline. Locational Variance: None. It is important to note that the OM does not appear on the palm as the Sanskrit characters of OM.…show more content…
Saturn – Discipline will bring its own internal rewards, however material rewards will be given after years of delay. Sun – Fame achieved only after subduing the ego. Mars – The above mentioned discipline is imposed by others, but it brings merit and positive results. Ketu – Blockages are from past lives or the ancestral lineage. Attached to a major line - The plough is often attached to a major line and in this case it takes on the properties of that lines mount. For example, if attached to the line of Saturn, then it would give material benefits, but also make one gloomy. Can Be Confused With: Conch and Flag (especially if attached to a major line). Often Found With: Conch, Temple and Shield. Deity: Balram, the Shakti Peeths, the River Goddesses (such as Ganga and Yamuna). Rarity: On Major Lines - Rare (1/50). Independently Formed – Very Rare (1/500). Name: POT Symbolic Meaning: The Pot often is often used to symbolise the body (and is sometimes a substitute for the womb). It is also a storehouse of spiritual energy and is used by Laxmi (the goddess of Wealth) to bring
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