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1) Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel )One of the largest companies in the Sultanate of Oman's leading integrated communications provider through a variety of the latest services used and the latest telecommunications technology across a network covering all regions of the Sultanate, where it began offering its services in 1970 as the first leading player in the provision of telecommunication services in Oman and plays Omantel role as one of the tributaries of the national economy, which contributed to the process of national development, but on the other hand, the company has gone through in the previous years of the many challenges Like any institution or company in the field of business environment, either because the internal environment…show more content…
In line strategy Omantel with sustainable development and growth in the Sultanate, The company is keen to focus on infrastructure projects in the future in order to ensure to continue to provide excellent services to meet the customer who produces provide innovative new services and improve the quality of existing products needs, and at the opposite side of the internal level of the company raising the efficiency of performance, efficiency and job satisfaction among employees on the firm's role in boosting the telecoms environment, supporting SMEs, and human resources as well as according to the vision Talal Said Al Mamari, CEO of Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel), There are cases occur for the company require the leadership to deal with them according to the different methods of Legislators as required by the situation at that time, where diverse management styles between Autocratic, paternalistic , democratic and laissez-faire , each of them the pros and cons, which requires consideration of the team leaders in the most appropriate management style so it is applied which enhances the efficiency and performance and provide a positive professional environment, and despite the fact that the Omantel Command's approaching from the application democratic in the management style in the normal position, Where the leadership encouraged to express opinions and participation by the staff and the exchange of information shared helps in influencing the decision-making…show more content…
Omantel has reached this level of leadership in the telecommunications sector thanks to several factors for the success of the ones catalyst pursued by the company through the support of social responsibility program by setting such as motivating employees various means strategic objectives, increase morale, improve the exchange of information and the exchange of ideas or feelings by encouraging building team share the same vision by the company to run large-scale programs post through which the participation of the company's employees actively in the development of the company's strategy and its implementation through programs at senior management level, and it also helps to keep the workforce and attract talent and respond effectively to the agents of change and the needs of customers and maintain a competitive advantage is positive, as the company held many motivational programs ,motivations “In line with our company’s vision ‘Together, we build a totally connected community through innovation’ we seek to grow innovation and creativity among our employees , whereas 93% of employees are loyal to Omantel While 66% of employees feel engaged , But on the other side there are some stimulation techniques will not be effective, which negatively affects employee performance, productivity and performance, which Petri (1996) is classified dealt with the dilemma of ‘disjointed electicism’ by adopting an approach that focused on determining ‘how differing motivating factors

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