Omantel Leadership Challenges

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Leaders in different level face different type of challenges. This research based on a previous research conducted by group of researcher in 2013 to study the challenges that leaders face around the world. We aimed to study if Omantel leaders face the same challenges that leaders face around the world and evaluate the effect of these challenges in the performance of individuals and organization as well. This research will help the leaders to be aware of those challenges and manage in high level of professionalism. It is really significant is to make this issue clear for all Omantel leaders.
1.2 Purpose

For any organization it is important to have talented leaders on different levels in order to enhance the efficiency of the performance. The
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Virtually all the organizations, including sweets large companies, universities, leadership theorists, researchers and authors are concerned by the difference and believe that it is important.
Our goal is to put the emphasis on the differences and similarities in the levels of any organization. Leadership against leadership in management There are many definitions various leadership. Stogdill has concluded that "there are almost as many definitions of leadership as there are people who have attempted to define the concept". While Peter Drucker sums up that: The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers.
To win supporters, but has no influence requires to exclude the lack of integrity in the realization of this (Yukl, 1989). Some theorists believe that the leadership does not differ from the social influence of the processes that occur between all the members of a group and others believe that the leadership is all that someone is in the process of doing in order to carry out effectively. The classic question, if the leaders are born or have done yet been many researchers concerning the. It is a charisma or something that can be taught? The answer to this question varies. It is irrevocable, although it does not easy, the leaders must have the essential attributes: such as the vision, integrity, confidence, altruism, the commitment, the creative capacity,
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That is the management is an art or a science is not what is the most important. The steering is a process used to accomplish this is the organizational objectives. In other words, a process used to achieve is what an organization wants to achieve.
But to make the leaders and managers have the same role? Can the organizations have only managers or only leaders?
An organization of mix well balanced should have a for leaders and managers to succeed, and in fact what they really need is a few large heads and many managers of first class (Kotterman, 2006)
Managers and Leaders: Are they different?
Managers are the people to which the task of management is assigned, and we generally think that they achieve the objectives desired by the key functions of the planning and budgeting, the organization and staffing, the control and the resolution of problems. The leaders of the other part in September in the direction align people, to motivate and inspire (Kotter, 2001).
Other researchers believe that the leader has the soul, the passion and creativity any manager; you have the spirit, the rational and the persistence. A leader is flexible, innovative, inspiring, courageous and independent and at the same time a manager consults, analytical, deliberate, and making authority and stabilization (Capowski,

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