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I believe the bail conditions that Omar Khadr received were fair conditions, but the Canadian government should issue and apology to Omar Khadr for contributing to the violation of his rights. Although I believe that Omar Khadr was guilty of the 5 war crime charges against him because of his confession, he should have had a fair trial regarding his crimes. One of the charges was for the murder of Christopher Speer, a U.S. soldier, during the battle in Afghanistan. In an interview with the National Post, Khadr explained the situation and how he felt before throwing the grenade. “I was thinking, ‘What should I do…?’ I didn’t know what to do. So I thought, I’m just going to throw this grenade and maybe just scare them away” (National Post). This proves that he acted under pressure.…show more content…
troops, and I believe that a child should never have to be in the position of deciding whether or not he should throw a grenade. During the battle, Khadr was shot 3 times and lost the sight of one eye. Subsequently, when Omar was arrested, he was detained in a military installation in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was detained for 10 years in this facility, and subjected to torture techniques. He was subjected to the “frequent flyer” technique, which is a sleep deprivation technique to make Khadr less resistant to interrogation. In addition, Omar Khadr was considered a terrorist and also had terrorism charges against him. Furthermore, Omar Khadr’s rights were violated during his detention. Firstly, Omar was not treated as a minor. For example, the minors in Guantanamo Bay were separated from the adults, but Omar Khadr was mixed with the rest of the detainees. And according to section 3 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, “every child deprived of his or her liberty must be separated from adults.” Omar Khadr was not granted his right to be separated from the adults in Guantanamo

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