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Encourages the General Assembly to create the “United Nations Ombudsman for Peacekeeping Operations”, the one who will have the following mandate:
To serve as observers in every UN Peacekeeping mission in order to canalize all peoples´ complains and suggestions, including complaints of sexual assault and abuse.
To gather all relevant information relating to Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law violations, discrimination, threats, use of violence or intimidation directed at any person, especially at women and children, sexual harassments cases and any type of illicit activities in which the UN Peacekeeping Forces are involved,
To seek, receive and respond to credible and reliable information from Governments, non-governmental organizations
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Renews the creation of the “United Nations Code of Conduct for Peacekeeping Operations”, that is a framework that will codify the behavior of the Peacekeepers and will include the following:
The specific prohibition to the Peacekeeping Agents to inflict, instigate or tolerate any act of torture, corruption, sexual harassment, discrimination, or any degrading arbitrary treatment,
The specific obligation of the Peacekeeping Agents to protect Human Rights and Human Dignity in every situation,
The specific protocols of the United Nations Peacekeeping Agents about how to interact with terrorists and international criminal organizations,
The ideal profile provided by the DPKO that all the UN Peacekeeping Agents must have to be chosen to serve international interests,
This clause is open for change;

Strongly Affirms that if a UN Peacekeeping Force commits a crime or violates Human Rights or International Humanitarian Law during a specific mission, the United Nations has the faculty to return this agent to its country of origin in order to affront a fair trial and only if the state is not willing or cannot prosecute this agent, it can be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court if the agent has committed any crime in article 8 of the Rome
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Corruption and the promotion of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law during a Peacekeeping mission,
Peacekeepers duties, limits and their Code of Conduct,
How to respond to acts of corruption and abuses;

Recommends the Unite Against Corruption plan, based on the previous one carried out in Africa by Greenpeace, based on the following principles:
Creating workshops, installing the sense of unity and the work the Peacekeeping Forces are signing up to fulfill, this course will also include a strict requirement on knowledge of the Declaration of Human Rights and a capacitation on preservation of the environment,
Allowing an Internet platform for internal purposes in which Peacekeeping Forces will have a space to express themselves on transparency and report any misconduct they have seen in other co-workers in an anonymous way;

Requests the Department of Peacekeeping Operations to require all peacekeepers and staff to submit a fiscal report before being deployed, at 6 month intervals during their deployment, and a concluding fiscal report immediately after the mission

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