Omega 3 Fats

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Go to the grocery store and take photos of a food product from each of the following food groups (grain products, milk and alternatives, meat and alternatives) that contain omega 3 fats (0.75 marks).
*Pictures below* Grains Milk and Alternatives Meat and Alternatives
Food Product One Bun:
Multigrain Thin Sandwich Bun Black Diamond: Cheestring

Mövenpick of Switzerland:
Cured Organic Salmon Gravlax
Omega 3 Content
(in grams) 1.5g 0.1g 0.4g

Compare the amount of omega 3 fats in
1) One "Canada 's Food Guide" serving of each food product
2) Contrast that to Health Canada 's recommendation for omega 3 fats in our diet
(e.g. what percentage would one serving of the omega 3 food product would satisfy our daily requirement OR how many servings of the omega 3 product would we need to consume to satisfy our daily requirement) (0.75 mark). Reference
Serving Size of Food Product Canada’s Food Guide Serving
(1 serving) Health Canada’s Daily Requirement
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This is close to the reference serving size of the food, at 75g and equals approximately 2 serving sizes of bread. The recommended daily intake of grain products for adults ages 19-50 varies from 6-8 servings between men and women (Health Canada, 2011).

For the Black Diamond Cheestring one would require 336g of the dairy product, to satisfy the recommended omega 3 fat intake of 1.6g, which equates to approximately 6 ¾ servings of the cheese. The recommended daily intake of milk and alternative products is 100-150g or 2-3 serving, which falls below the reference serving size of the food at 50g, for adult’s ages 19-50 for both men and women (Health Canada,

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