Omega Line Group Case Study

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Introduction to the company “Omega Line Group” is a private limited liability company registered under companies act number 17of 1982 under Sri Lanka’s company law. Omega Line is a direct foreign subsidiary company, which owns by an Italian, Mr. Sandro Veroneze and in land operations are run by the group Chairman, Mr. Vinzense Jappolo. Currently it employs 1200 workers, most of whom are women in their twenties, in the factory, which, equipped with 1200 sewing machines. Omega Line mainly produces and exports lingerie, hosiery and beachwear for women, men and children mainly to the European market. In 2011, it has recorded 21 billion rupees as sales turnover and has shown a dramatic improvement from its inception. The success of Omega Line is…show more content…
That is the largest factory network of Calzedonia Group. Omega Line Ltd 1, Omega Line 11, Sirio Ltd, Alfa Apparel Ltd and Benji Ltd. more than six thousand employees are working in the group of Omega Line. Fashion lingerie, Basic Lingerie and Underwear manufactured on these company. Omega Line is best quantity exporter of the year 2007, 2008 and 2009 and 2010 .The golden awards for best exporter had been taken by Omega Line in 2007 & 2009 and 2013. Also Sirio Ltd holds the silver…show more content…
Company has occupied most reputed software in the apparel industry such as “fast react”, ”lectra”, ”style man”, “Saber”, “green which”, “Iungo”, “GSD” and “Hsenid”. 2.2 Company Mission Common Purpose. Being the biggest manufacture of the body close garments (underwear, swim wear & shocks) seller in the Europe, the local company mission is to be a best quality manufacture of the group. This mission is not written in anywhere in the company’s documents but make a sense of everybody in the company through the best quality practices. 2.3 Quality Objectives. Not only identify spot and reject defective items, but more importantly pinpoint production operations that need special attention, thereby reducing the number of defects in future productions. Further it focus on getting the most for quality control for a rupee value, using the staff most effectively and ensure that even with turnover of employees, quality is

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