Omelas: Are People Right Or Wrong?

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Facing a demon is harder than it looks, but you have to let go of fear and fight the battle to win the war of what’s right. I would personally have to say that both of these towns are in their own world, very closed off but not aware of what’s truly right and wrong. Honestly for both towns they need someone who thinks with a pure and righteous mind, to show them right from wrong. In both towns, I believe that if someone could show these people a taste of their own medicine things would change drastically. Now at the same time I am not saying it would be easy to change these community’s ways of life because this really is traditional for each town. If the people of “Omelas” all went through the same abuse as the child in the seller they might think twice on the way they let this kid be treated.…show more content…
Dave Pelzer once said, “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” He was right in every way and the crazy part is the people of Omelas are living this way, but they have no sympathy for each other and that’s where the problem lies. The townsfolk within the story “The Lottery” also come off as this perfect place where everyone is happy and living carefree until you see how they just seem to kill each other off. It’s a ritual for them as well as a tradition. They have this odd need to give sacrifice and the sacrifices are the people within the
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