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In the story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin, some people who lived in the Omelas walked away and never returned. These people could not live a life in which their happiness depended on the suffering of another person. People in Omelas depended on the suffering of a child, about ten years of age, who has been kept hostage and who has also been tortured day after day, for their happiness. When people were aware of this, some often got frustrated and depressed, but many feel they had no choice but to get over the situation. The question is, where did the people who could not get over the situation, go? They saw a place named Society of Sunshine. As soon as they stepped out of Omelas they saw a rainbow that lead them to a new society. They also saw beautiful mountains and flowers. They knew something extraordinary was ahead. Those who walked away from the Omelas went to a beautiful place, where there were no rules at all, their happiness only depended on themselves, and the society is more modern-like. The people who walk away from Omelas see this beautiful hidden place. Although, you cannot return to the Omelas the people who enter Society of Sunshine never hope to.…show more content…
In the mornings in the Society of Sunshine, the sound of music, bells, and people singing, consumed the place, similar to the days in Omelas. Many festivals take place in Society of Sunshine. Since their leave from Omelas is recent, they want to feel like they are home so festivals such as, the Festival of Summer happen here as well. Besides the torturing of the child, people in Omelas were happy people as they are in Society of Sunshine. Since they saw the way the child was tortured in Omelas, they also treated the kids with respect and so much love. Just as they did in Omelas, they understood compassion. They also saw the beauty in everything they came across, such as, architecture, the gardens and the sound of

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