Omelas Cultural Norm

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The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas is a very strange yet sad story in the end. This city the narrator is describing sounds amazing. Everyone sounds happy and living fancy lives. Yet, there is something under the city of Omelas. Something under the city is straving all day, is feed poor food and is bare necked each day and is put on displace for others to see, if they chose to see this thing. This thing is a child, helpless human being who pleads for his life. In our culture of the United States this is not a culture norm. If someone from our culture were to find this child, we would be getting the child out, getting the police involved and fighting for justice. But in the city of Omelas, this is their culture norm. They can go see this poor…show more content…
Freeing the child will give her a life, start living the life of a child and have the ability to have normal conversations. I also feel leaving the city after freeing the child would help both the group of people who saved the child and as well the child to start a new life. Having the group of people free the child from this dark place not only helps out the child and the group of people who are aware, but as well as the city of Omelas. When this society finds out about the child and how the city pretty much enslaved this child, they will probably be grossed out (I hope) at the fact there is a child living below their feet. The citizens might want to protest at the people who put the child in the grown. This three act with help everyone and anyone, except for the city of…show more content…
She will be example to people of Omelas to turn over the city. The group should say to the city of Omelas, what if this was your child, would you be able to watch your child go through enslavement. Not able to talk to anyone or for anyone to talk to her and give her kind words of hope. This child being freed would give her a meaning of life, because I have a feeling she wanted to kill herself to try and get of the dark damp place under the city of Omelas. The child will now be able to play with the children who before would laugh and dance right above the child.
I believe the people should walk away from Omelas. If I was finished with school and if I did not have anyone I cared about, I would flee the state of Kansas. I am upset at the political system of Kansas and how schooling is not a top priority in this State. I know this is not on topic with the city of Omelas but if I found out Kansas was enslaving people under my feet, I would leave a heartbeat after I saved the child. The people would be able to have a new life and to forget the city and how they treated children like the child in the
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