Omnivore Diet Persuasive Essay

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Adrienne Healy Scott Branks 2015FA-ENGL-1301-81045: Composition I 1 December 2015 Save Yourself (an introduction into the vegan diet) Humans have been considered an omnivore animal for as long as one might fathom. An omnivore diet is one that consists of meat and plant based meals. Throughout America this diet is one of the most popular amongst the races, but a new diet is on the up rise, one that has the promise of weight loss, increased energy and a healthier body all around. This diet is called veganism. This diet, or should I say lifestyle, is one where a person shall not eat products that come from animals. The main source of food comes from the ground. This controversial topic has got many thinking now a days, is a plant-based diet really…show more content…
The world is constantly at war with the environment. Society is ruining its atmosphere by burning fossil fuels into the air causing our CO2 levels to skyrocket. How would a person react if they knew that a vegan diet could also reduce their dietary carbon footprint? Several studies have shown that a planet-based diet is the answer to improving our environment as a whole. A meat-producing farm eats up a significant amount of earth’s resources such as water, land, and crops (stehfest page 16) Instead of wasting the worlds plants to feed the over produced animals, society should be taking the already delicious crops and feeding them directly to humans. This, in return, will increase the amount of food humans have to consume. While providing more food for the human race is a definite plus that is reason enough to convert to a vegan diet. It is not the only reason why “Why It’s green to go vegetarian” states many positive effects an omnivore has on the environment such as: “Avoid excessive CO2 production, Reduce methane/nitrous oxide production, Save large amounts of water, Avoid pollution of our streams/rivers/oceans, Reduce destruction of topsoil & tropical rainforest, Reduce destruction of wildlife habitats & endangered species, Reduce the use of antibiotics, growth promoters and chemicals” (eliot

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